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Top 7 Altcoin exchanges: Most trusted crypto platforms.
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(Pocket-lint) - Finding crypto exchanges to purchase Bitcoin is extremely easy and simple. Due to the popularity of Bitcoin, there are innumerable cryptocurrency exchanges that offer BTC. In fact, it is possible to buy Bitcoin without even going to a crypto exchange. For example, users can easily purchase both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash using PayPal.
Users into altcoin trading, however, will find it difficult to decide which is the best altcoin exchange. As such, here you'll find ranked the top 7 altcoin exchanges that not only offer high-quality services but are also trusted by almost all crypto enthusiasts.
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1. Binance.
When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, there is none that is more well-known and trusted than Binance. As such, it should be no surprise that Binance is the best altcoin exchange out there. The simple reason that it is better than all the other cryptocurrency exchanges is that it offers almost everything that a crypto user could need.
Purchasing and Trading Crypto on Binance.
Binance is a centralized exchange that offers some of the highest numbers of cryptocurrency trading pairs. There are options to purchase cryptocurrency with a bank account through a bank transfer (among hundreds of other methods).
It is also possible to purchase crypto through a credit or debit card. users can also apply for a crypto-based card, which they can use to spend the balance in their account.
Advanced traders will find themselves to be right at home on Binance. Everything from margin trading, futures trading, and retail investor accounts is available on the platform. Whether users are trading CFDs or looking to hold crypto assets for the long term, Binance will get the job done.
Binance Fees.
The one problem with Binance is that the trading fees are nothing special. While the fee structure is extremely complicated, users should expect to pay the market average when it comes to transaction fees.
Users that do not have a need for advanced features may find that they can save on transaction fees by not using Binance. However, there are numerous ways to reduce the trading fees on the cryptocurrency exchange. For example, having a high daily trading volume will allow users to save a lot on trading costs.
Top Binance Features.
Binance is considered to be the best crypto exchange by many people. The simple reason for this is the massive number of features that it offers. As such, Binance is a great platform for someone that wants to maximize the use of digital assets and currencies. Here is a list that summarizes some of the top benefits of using Binance.
As a global exchange, Binance is available in more jurisdictions than most other crypto exchanges. The vast majority of the popular altcoins are available on Binance (and some not-so-popular ones are available too). Ideal for active trading, as the number of assets and digital currencies available, can be matched by only a few exchanges. Over 100 payment methods to buy and sell crypto, with the option of bank transfers and kur atrodas binance wire transfer available in most countries. A brilliant (albeit slightly buggy) mobile app that can be used to do everything that users would normally do on their desktop. Trusted and extremely reputable as it is the world's largest exchange. Ability to spend crypto without paying any fee, apply for loans using crypto as collateral, and invest altcoins to earn interest.
2. KuCoin.
A lot of smaller crypto exchanges try to focus on one thing or one area (e.g., offering a lot of trading pairs or very low trading fees). KuCoin, on the other hand, is best thought of like a mini Binance. While it is a lot smaller than many of the other best crypto exchanges for altcoins, it makes up for it by offering a lot of services and features.
Purchasing and Trading Crypto on KuCoin.
Just like Binance, KuCoin allows users to purchase crypto for fiat currency through a credit or debit card. There are also P2P methods and third-party options available. However, whereas Binance has over 100 payment methods for P2P crypto purchases, KuCoin only has around 20.
Users will not have any problems trading altcoins on the exchange. This is because the trading platform is as advanced as the one found on the leading exchanges. With constant access to real-time market data, even advanced traders will find KuCoin to be a crypto exchange that they can easily use.
While the number of fiat currencies supported on KuCoin pales in comparison to other exchanges, 平衡一下 users will find a really high number of altcoins here. That said, certain features are not there or are lacking in quality, such as retail investor estas binancaj deponejoj tuj accounts.
KuCoin Fees.
Just like any other cryptocurrency exchange, the fees on KuCoin can be reduced by increasing trading volume and by taking certain steps (e.g., using the proprietary coin to pay fees).
Overall, other platforms have higher fees when compared to KuCoin. This is especially true for users that trade cryptocurrency in large volumes, as KuCoin offers very high discounts for such traders.
Top KuCoin Features.
KuCoin is quite similar to Binance in its feature set. However, there are certain things that make KuCoin stand out. Here is a small list:
Multiple ways to purchase crypto, including bank transfer. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin is quick to adopt new features and developments in the world of crypto. The exchange fee is much lower compared to many of the other major binanceéconfiavel exchanges. Multiple ways of setting up a trading operation in the crypto market, including an automated trading bot. Lots of ways to earn rewards, including regular promotions and a lucky raffle. All of the major DeFi features are present, although they lack in terms of depth compared to some other cryptocurrency exchanges. Options for derivatives, margin trading, ako nakupovať bitcoiny v bitcoinovom stroji and spot trading work flawlessly due to a superb trading platform.
3. Bybit.
Bybit is a name that is quite common on lists of the best crypto exchanges. Bybit is a global exchange that not only offers a competent trading platform but is also a hub for decentralized finance.
While KuCoin can be considered a great altcoin exchange for traders, Bybit is ideal for people who are more into the DeFi side of crypto.
Purchasing and Trading Crypto on Bybit.
Bybit is lacking in the number of payment methods that can be used to purchase cryptocurrency. While the standard options of using a credit or debit card and P2P (like bank transfer) are present, other cryptocurrency exchanges allow for a lot more.
That said, Bybit is still quite suitable for altcoin trading. The trading platform is not as advanced as the one on KuCoin or Binance, but it gets the job done. In fact, Bybit may be one of the most beginner-friendly exchanges out there.
Of course, DeFi is where Bybit truly excels. Users can access everything from staking to dual-asset mining, buy and sell NFTs, and earn rewards from their exchange account. Unlike most crypto exchanges, retail investor accounts will also find a lot of services to manage their market risk.
It is no surprise that just like any other cryptocurrency exchange, the fees on Bybit vary. However, Bybit may be the best cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the discounts it offers.

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